Friday, 21 August 2009


I got a few hours sleep and when I woke up I checked my mails and saw I had received an email from Nails Inc saying "6 Products For 10 GBP - Today Only" !!!
Now you know I can't just walk by, they got me at my weak point!!
The man is sleeping so I can sneak that one past him LOl
The promotion is called "The Lucky Dip"
It includes:
Fast Dry Spray (worth £8)
A treatment top coat / base coat (worth £11)
3 glossy nails inc polishes (worth £31.50)
Cuticle oil (worth £8)

And you save more than £50!!!

The only negative is that you can't choose the colors for the glossy polishes, they will be picked up randomly. :( I just hope they're not the colors on the promo picture!!

So if you're tempted get you nail polishes today!!
FIY I'm still waiting for the other stuff I ordered along with their free nail polish promotion... I'm definitely not happy about that but all you can do is wait right.
Am I crazy to order from them again specially since I haven't received a single thing from them wet??!

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