Saturday, 29 August 2009

Nails Inc. Haul!

Not much to say, here's what I received during the week from my various Nails Inc orders.

[The whole lot-£43]

[What I received from Nail's Inc "Lucky Dip" offer (includes: Fast Dry Spray, A treatment top coat / base coat, 3 glossy nails inc polishes - "Whitechapel" - "Selfridges First Floor" - "Gold Rush", Cuticle oil) All for £10]
At the same time I also ordered a "Weak, peeling, bendy nails treatment solution" for £20
And when you spend £30 or more you get a free InStyle magazine as well as a free nail polish (boxed at the far right of the pic, its "Coral")

[Received from the Fabulous magazine offer (get 1 free nail polish - "Montrose Place" - and just pay £1 for postage) and I got another discount from nails inc. (40% save for any products I choose) and chose the pastel collection, so instead of paying £20 for it I paid £12]

I'm happy with everything I got, was a bit surprised that they don't send you an invoice along with your parcel which isn't good because if you have a problem with your order or anything like that there's not much you can do without the invoice :(
But overall happy with the products, very unhappy with the company :(

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