Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Hello Biuties!!
This august is definitely MY month!!
And for my birthday I got spoiled left right up and down and I'm so so happy right now!
I got treated to £100 of anything MAC from someone special and my order came in today :D

So here's what I got:

9 MAC eyeshadows (From left to right)
Goldmine, Sable, Freshwater, Sumptuous Olive, Newly Minted,
And from the "Love that Look" collection: Strike a Pose, Rated R, One-Off, Fashion Groupie.

And finally the final Item I wanted from the Graphic Garden collection the Define and Blend brush bag. I don't own any of the brushes in that bag except the 190.

All these definitely ticks off a lot of stuff in my MAC wish list!
But as usual a girl is never fully satisfied :D