Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Find of the day!!!

Yesterday I spent the day in town with my man and we just went out to walk around not wanting anything in particular.
He spotted this little shop full of no name brands nail polishes and makeup that we'd never seen before and I just had to get in there and have a look.
They had loads of nail polishes for £3 each but I didn't get any as in the back on my mind I had BarryM nail polishes that are cheaper and that I know.
They had loads of lipsticks and lipglosses as well but I was attracted by the lipsticks.
I bought 3 for £1 each.

[Left: "Evening Red" Center: "Cerise" Right: "Violet Crown"]

I absolutely adore that "Cerise" color. Its HOOOT!

[On the top is the hot pink, I loooove it!!! And on the bottom lip is the purple one]

I'm excited right now at that shop and because of the cost of those but I have to calm myself down first and see how long the color will stay on at least I can say that its quite moisturizing!


  1. Great finds...love that hot pink...terrific pigmentation!

  2. ooooh gorgeous!!

    Girl which shop did you go to?! Is it in London? Are the things cheap lol?

  3. That pic is fiya!!!
    @ Stephanie: Sorry its not in London :( I live in Essex and its a small shop in a small unit and its full of cheap makeup. My heaven lol

  4. Ahhhhhh no way :( Sad times lol :(

  5. @Stephanie I think I have seen these in London Peckam area or check the shops that sale hair products @LilBiuty please let me knw how they hold up,I have always passed them thinking they r of no good quality lol